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Salford Analytical Services

Salford Analytical Services (SAS), operating from the University of Salford, offers an efficient and responsive solution to all your analytical requirements.

SAS offers a professional resource to commercial organisations. We aim to provide a first class analytical service and offer unprecedented knowledge to assist with any complex or simple technical issues.

Run by Senior Technical Consultants with over 95 years industrial experience between them, SAS has an excellent comprehensive collection of key analytical instruments. Our core analytical techniques include Microscopy, NMR and X-Ray Diffraction.

Although our service offerings will be based largely on these techniques, the major objective of SAS is to develop a quality and trustworthy ‘problem solving capability’. We will make use of as many techniques and resources as required to solve the customer’s problem even if this requires a level of ‘sub contracting’ to external organisations.

We are currently in the process of expanding our capability, with the recent acquisition of a new ICP-OES and ESEM.