Thermal Measurement Laboratory

The current economic and environmental situation means that we are all striving to increase our energy efficiency at home and work thus reducing our individual carbon footprint (and reduce our energy bills!) The government continues to promote a more “green” economy by offering subsidies for raising thermal insulation levels in buildings. Insulation materials need to be tailored and engineered specifically for their purpose e.g. walls, cavity walls, roof, loft insulation, floors. The testing and development of materials which reduce the loss of heat from our buildings has taken on a greater significance in recent years. The range of thermal insulation materials manufactured, both inorganic and organic, is large and continues to grow. New “sustainable” products made from made from recycled and "bio-friendly” products continue to increase in popularity.

Accurate determination of thermal performance of insulation and construction materials is important in an industry, driven by increasingly more demanding building energy conservation regulations, product standards etc. Here, at Salford University, the Thermal Measurement Testing Laboratory has been providing a test and research & development service to the insulation and construction industry for 29 years. The Thermal Measurement Laboratory is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 1660 and a CPR Notified Laboratory No. 1145 (results used for EC marking purposes) for measuring the thermal conductivity/ resistance of materials used in buildings.


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Tony Simpson
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